What happened at the 27th and 28th June event at the Peterborough Arena?

Product Earth



Probably one of the biggest UK Cannabis Events is scheduled to happen every year! This is such a great experience especially if you are a Cannabis lover (like me). Even if you don’t use marijuana it is your chance to go and learn about it as the whole point is to educate and the promotion of Cannabis industries.

The products shown at the events are all legal because they use Hemp instead of the THC compound in Cannabis – which is illegal in the UK. From Hemp based clothing, shoes, food products and use in other materials the whole point of the Expo is to show the many uses of Cannabis as well as try to educate the public about the medicinal treatments that Cannabis has in the world due to its therapeutic properties.

Many of the companies at the Product Earth Expo influence the uses of Hemp and CBD which in the UK are both legal and can be sold as a food supplement which means you do not have to buy the products in a pharmacy. CBD is the best thing next to THC – it carries all of the beneficial properties of THC without the psychoactive compounds which are the ones that get you high. So you obviously wouldn’t use CBD if you are looking to get high as it’s mainly used as a pain relief, like paracetamol. People do claim though that it can make you feel ‘chilled’ if you suffer from things like Anxiety and Depression. So give it a go!

There are many online business’ in the UK that you can buy Hemp and CBD products from which are all 100% legal!

Check out some highlights from the 2015 Product Earth Expo!

I can’t wait for next years Product Earth Expo! Go to the events page where I share all other Hemp Expos around the UK and tell me whether you’re going to any and if so, which ones. I hope to see you all there!

Maybe even join me at Hyde Park on 4/20 where we all come to experience and see how many people enjoy the use of Marijuana!