Our advantage

Strong company size

Brand advantage / Three production bases

Asia Fuji has integrated the technology, engineering and service resources of Fuji Electric in Japan, and has established production bases in Shaoyang, Hunan and Linyi, Shandong. The product and marketing service market has spread to the whole country. And for many years, it has won the honorary title of “Top Ten Elevator Brands” in China.

Complete technology research and development system

Technology R&D Center / Elevator Test Tower / Energy Saving and Environmental Protection

Focusing on technological innovation and product development, Asia Fuji Elevator has extensively carried out “production, learning and research” cooperation, established a technology research and development center and a good talent reserve system. The first-ever elevator test tower in the 159-meter-high South China area, which will be completed and completed, will serve as the research and development and test platform for the company's high-speed elevator products and technologies, which will further enhance the Asian Fuji elevators towards intelligence, environmental protection, convenience, and humanization. The direction of demand is developing.

Excellent quality, smart manufacturing

Complete quality control system / top intelligent manufacturing equipment

Asia Fuji actively introduces the world's top elevator industrial intelligent manufacturing equipment, supporting advanced production management and complete quality control system, and strictly follows the international production standards to create high-quality products that are close to perfection with ingenuity.

Quality service system

Customer Service / Elevator Internet of Things System

“To make customers feel safe and secure” is the service tenet that Fuji has always practiced. Asia Fuji has established a nationwide marketing service system. The Elevator Internet of Things (IOT) platform provides special service advantages such as elevator maintenance, status detection, remote monitoring, and early warning and rescue. In cooperation with the pre-sales service for customizing economical and reasonable solutions, the quality of service has won the trust of customers.



公司新聞 | 2018-11-29

11月29日上午,湖南省委副書記烏蘭在邵陽市委書記龔文密及邵陽經開區相關領導的陪同下蒞臨亞洲富士電梯視察指導工作。 …


公司新聞 | 2018-10-19

2018年8月30日下午,邵陽市建設局趙局長、邵陽市城市建設綜合開發協會會長鄭和成、執行會長劉亞林、秘書長唐和平等領導一行蒞臨亞洲富士電梯實地考察,亞洲富士電梯董事長王要輝對來訪客戶親切接待,總裁何春梅、總經理王銀輝參與了座談 …


公司新聞 | 2018-07-12

7月12日下午,湖南省財政廳企管處楊海霞處長一行在邵陽市財政局蔣副局長、企管科呂科長的陪同下參觀了我司的智慧展廳以及獨家裝潢設計轎廂展示廳,并對我司的發展歷程、企業現狀、業務模塊等進行了整體了解。高度贊揚了我司的業務水平、產品多樣性以及創新研發能力。 …


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